Sons of the Flag provides support to Veterans and First-Responders, and their Families, who have survived a Burn Injury.

Sons of the Flag provides critical support to military service members, first responders and civilians who have survived burn injuries.

Joe Yowler

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Joe Yowler is a second-generation fire fighter and has been in the fire service for 14 years, with the last 12 spent at Harrisburg, North Carolina Fire Department. Joe has progressed through the ranks to Captain and currently is assigned to Engine 3. Outside of the fire service, Joe is blessed with a very loving, patient wife, Heather. Joe is also blessed with three amazing kids, Lili (12), Elizabeth (3) & newest addition Maggie (13). Outside of work Joe enjoys attending various racing events and traveling with his wife and kids. Joe is also a founder and a lead instructor with Twisted Fire Industries, LLC.

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