It is difficult to treat large post burn sequelae (scars and defects) over face. Available methods include skin grafts, local flaps, tissue expansion, and free flaps. These surgical options should be chosen wisely, depending upon individual patient requirements and area involved. In patients with large post burn scars and defects in which the surrounding tissue is also involved, use of free tissue transfer is extremely useful.

Patients and Methods

A retrospective analysis was done between 2011 and 2019 of fifty-two cases with extensive facial burn deformities in whom secondary reconstruction was done with free parascapular flap cover in or department. Outcome was assessed by direct questionnaire.


There was no complete flap loss in the series. Two cases were re-explored for venous insufficiency and suffered partial marginal necrosis. Twenty patients had to undergo further debulking procedure. Forty-seven patients were satisfied by the final outcome.


Post burn facial deformities are difficult to treat, in many cases there are no local options and tissue from different regions is to be used for reconstruction. Free parascapular flaps can be used as an effective method in such cases with a high level of patient satisfaction.

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