Dr. Marty Robson’s

Mission: Reconstruct Freedom

Acute burn care for burned military personnel, first responders and civilians is excellent in the U.S. and considered the best in the world. However, once survival from burn injuries is achieved, follow-up care and reconstruction for complete function and acceptable cosmetic results is badly lacking.


A National Problem

There is a dire lack of quality burn reconstructive specialists available in the United States, and, fewer and fewer are being adequately trained.

Addressing the Challenge

Sons of the Flag has recruited a team of outstanding reconstructive surgeons with extensive resumes in burn reconstruction.

The Burn Foundation for Survivor Success

Sons of the Flag believes the future of burn care resides in research and development.

Sons of the Flag Spec Ops Team

The SOTF SpecOps Team

We assembled our tactical and operational medical team to complete Mission: Reconstruct Freedom. Two team members are Past Presidents of the American Burn Association, one an internationally recognized microvascular surgeon, and three others with both clinical and administrative expertise.

Bay Pines VA Healthcare Center Tampa Florida

The Mission: Reconstruct Freedom Superbase

The locus for the team will be Tampa, FL and the University of South Florida and it associated Bay Pines VA Hospital. Both the VA Hospital Director and the Dean of the Medical School are very supportive of the program.

Accomplishing the Mission

Burn Survivor Protocol

Burn survival is complex, medically, psychologically, emotionally, administratively, & financially – this is why we are here, the reason Sons of the Flag was founded.

– Survivor –


Sons of the Flag identifies the surviving burned veteran or first responder in need of reconstruction.

– Patient –


Skype will be used to allow the reconstructive surgeons to evaluate and record reconstructive needs and plan the procedures required to improve the patient.

– Surgical –


The patient will be transported to Tampa, undergo the necessary procedures, and receive mental support as necessary.

– Continued –

Survivor Care

Many family members spend several days in the waiting room, hoping their loved one will survive.

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